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It's official! Nagano Prefecture has been voted one of the best places in Japan to cycle. There are so many cycle options when using Nozawa Onsen as a base. Be it a long weekend from Hong Kong, or a week-long tour from Australia.

Nozawa Onsen village and Shiro Lodge will cater for family cycle groups right through to biking or triathlon clubs. Cycle tours can be tailored to meet group or individual needs with local guides, support vehicles and route mapping. The roads around Nozawa and the prefecture are extremely quiet, ensuring a peaceful ride, allowing you to take in the beautiful scenery!


It's also a great opportunity to cycle to neighbouring ski resorts like Madarao, Myoko Kogen, Shiga Kogen, or small Japanese towns and villages that surround Nozawa. There is even a route that will take you to the Japan Sea and coastline. For those in a more relaxed frame of mind, take a cycle onsen tour!


Nozawa Onsen is an absolutely wonderful place for mountain biking in the summer. There are trails prepared all over the mountain for all levels of cyclists to choose, from beginner to expert. A course map is provided for those only doing the downhill trails, so there is never any problem with choosing the right level trail for you! There is even a small grassy trail for children as young as two to practice on. Mountain patrols are constantly descending the mountain for safety purposes ensuring trails are not blocked.


The Nagasaka Gondola is open from mid-July to the end of August every year (09.00am to 16.00pm every day) and provides quick transport to the top of the mountain for cyclists and their bikes, and thereby access to all the downhill routes.


Top-quality rental mountain bikes are also available at the foot of the Gondola at Compass House, so there are no logistical difficulties.

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